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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  February 11, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> this is bbc world news america. >> funding of the presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. the newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation. and, mufg. >> the oldest trees bear the sweetest fruit. at mufg, we believe at nurturing
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banking relationships for centuries. financial partnerships are best cultivated for the years to come to give your company the resources and stability to thrive. mufg, we build relationships that build the world. >> bbc world news america. katty: this is bbc world news america. i am katty kay. the awkward handshake after months of war. the leaders of the ukraine and russia meet in minsk is to stop the fighting. obama: isil is on the defensive and is going to lose. katty: a degree costs more than anywhere else in the world.
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-- a degree costs more and america than anywhere else in the world. is it really worth it? welcome to our viewers on public television here and around the globe. the conflict in the eastern ukraine is about to spin out of control unless a peace deal is agreed to. that was the warning from the resident as he met with the leaders of france, russia, and germany in minsk. it was looking to secure a cease-fire for the fighting that has claimed 5000 lives. reporter: ukraine is at war with itself and the people are the runt of a hurdle conflict about identity and sovereignty. this is -- are the brunt of a brutal conflict about identity and sovereignty. this is the heartland. desolate and destroyed.
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both sides say they are defending their territory. in truth, the shells are slamming into civilian areas. here captured on video by local residents. the results are as terrifying as they are devastating. more than 5000 have been killed and 1.5 nguyen uprooted. -- million uprooted. these of the rebels. reporter: they are fighting for nothing less than an eastern state of the ukraine. both sides have a different vision of the future. without a political resolution, they will enforce that for massive higher power. >>russia is accused of sending
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troops and armor to help the rebels. the allegation is denied. there is a shared vision for the future of the ukraine. >> we wanted more autonomy. after everything the army has done for us, we want to be independent. we will create a separate state. >> the people are paying heavily for the war. old women hide from the artillery shells overhead. they have been down here for seven months. pensioners and hats are forced underground. the government shelled their homes and cut off their pensions. there is no means of escape. >> the pensions are not being paid. could they give us the pensions
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so that we could buy something to eat? it has been seven months since they stopped the money. what can we hope for? we have been a raced and are nowhere. >> she is 73. >> the young men of the rebel army. the war on the eastern flank risks going further out of control. >> for more on what can be done i am joined by joe manchin. we have seen it before. they have negotiated a cease-fire. do you think there is any chance
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of success this time? >> i think you understand the government is committed to helping the ukraine defend itself. they know that we are serious about supporting the ukraine and defending themselves. katty: the situation is harder than it was because of the separatist act by russia. >> it depends on who is leading the charge. if it is coming from themselves the bottom line is that the ukraine is determined to defend itself.
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we get them the necessary weapons they need. >> you put america in a different camp. how do you respond to that? >> you see the might of the russian military. you would love that to be done diplomatically. katty: is there really a military city desk solution to this -- is there really a military solution to this? >> russia knows we are determined and it may bring them to the table quicker. there is no military solution. only a hard eight and misery.
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you think you are going to stop it. no one is lending them any help. katty: do you think we have to accept that chunk of the ukraine? >> i cannot think it should be done at all. katty: do you think that people think this is america's fight to fight? would they support the idea of america getting involved with weapons? >> our allies are going to be committed to helping. we have to send a strong signal and message that we are there and will prohibit that to help
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those defend themselves. if you are going to bring people to the table, let them know that both sides are going to be in a serious situation. if they think they can overpower you, i do not see them backing off. katty: so this is about the ukraine? >> absolutely. the uneasiness that all of our allies have desk they are watching very carefully and are committed to giving the arms needed for the ukrainians to do their jobs. katty: obama has asked congress to authorize the use of military force. he says he has the authority to
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attack and has a clear support of congress. the u.s. has been carrying out airstrikes this year. john has more. >> the mission has been clearly laid out by the president to degrade and destroy islamic state militants. there is a recognition that this will not happen by air power alone. the president has come to expand the operation. he insists this is not cover for a fresh invasion by ground troops. obabma: it gives us the ability for unforeseen circumstances. if we had actionable intelligence of a gathering of isil leaders and our partners did not have the capacity to get them, i would be prepared to order special forces to take
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action against i will not allow the terrorists to have a safe haven. reporter: congress has been asked to authorize military operations and commit american forces. we have reported on gridlock in congress with publicans blocking all proposals. now, it is another way around with emma kratz kweisi about sending ground troops to fight islamic state. they are still criticizing the strategy and giving a backing. the president should have all the tools necessary to win the fight that we are in. >> contrast that with the fight. the emphasis is on power. >> we hope to have support for something that limits the power of the president and protects
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the power of the american people in a strong way. reporter: barack obama views bringing the soldiers home from -- the mission is accomplished. katty: a quick look at news around the world. 300 people are crossing the mediterranean. the survivor confirmed that it had begun the journey. suspending operations at the embassy in yemen. the decision came in response to the deteriorating.
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rebel forces moved in and destroyed documents. thousands are taking part in rallies increase in support of a new government and the austerity policies. it is time to coincide with a meeting of finance ministers to discuss changes to the international bailout package recess is not sustainable. the shooting of young in the community has prompted outrage. it is said to have nothing to do with religion and stems from a parking dispute. the family wants the deaths investigated as a hate crime. reporting from the university of north carolina close to where the attacks took place. >> described as three winners who set an example in life. they had only recently gotten
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married. they were shot in the head of the apartment complex. desk at the apartment complex. -- they were shot in the head at the apartment complex. >> i heard a series of 7-8 noises and i thought it was a car backfiring. after the fact, done shots. -- gunshots. craig has been charged with the murders and authorities say he is school operating. -- who operating -- coop erating. a preliminary investigation indicated that there was an ongoing dispute over parking. the father of two of the victims maintains it is a hate crime.
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>> it has generated response on social media with thousands across the world discussing the attack. many believe it was religiously motivated. the wife hit back at the suggestions. >> i cannot say -- i can say the incident had nothing to do with religion or faith. it was related to a long-standing parking dispute that my husband had with the neighbors. >> they will exhaust every lead it to work out why they were killed. >> have your help desk have you ever felt helpless about the situation in syria -- have you ever felt helpless about the situation in syria and wanted to help? katty: tragic deaths and a lot of questions in carolina.
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you are watching bbc world news america. the captain of the costa con cordia receives his sentence. a court in belgium has handed down a 12 year jail term to a leader of a group that sent jihadist of fighters to syria. the head of the group had brainwashed young men and made them take up arms in the middle east. 350 belgian nationals had fought in syria. we have the latest on this case and this trial. >> they arrived under tight security for the largest ever terror trial. the radical preacher has been in jail for 12 years for running the terrorist organization.
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the islamist group he led fought in syria. he is there now, a member of islamic state. he was sentenced to five years. >> doesn't mean he is less likely to come back to belgium? >> may be there is a reason for staying there. you do not come to jail if you are so young. >> one walks free. only eight have attended court. most are still believed to be in syria. >> belgium has seen more than
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any other eu country. if you go to jihad -- katty: a court in italy has sentenced the captain of the costa concordia to 16 years in jail for manslaughter. he is accused of taking the liner too close to shore and abandoning the ship with passengers and crew on board. he says he is a scapegoat. matthew price has more. >> a reckless idiot is how he was described by prosecutors.
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at court, he made an appeal to the judges, breaking down in tears. he said he was a scapegoat. others were to blame. hours later, the judges arrived with their decision and captain coward was nowhere to be seen. he did not have to appear for the verdict. guilty of multiple manslaughter and causing a shipwreck. eckstein years in jail. this is the result of his recklessness. he ordered the ship close to the island. a twisted and gaping wound. it was not detailed enough. on board, 4000 confused
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passenger and crew waited for instructions. they delayed it the order to abandon ship. the court heard hundreds queuing up and he was already on land, found guilty of a abandoning ship. the coast guard made it clear. the cruise ship company has spent 2 billion pounds on salvaging it and was also blamed. the judges held it partially responsible and ordered more damages for the survivors. this is the scene today. it is towed away, the last
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salvage platforms will vanish soon. this tranquil fishing village has a reminder with the names of the 32 who died his waters. matthew price, bbc news. katty: accident from 2012. finally, some resolution in the trial. what kind of college degree in america is worth the cost? that is the question in our series. uterus -- you desk university fees have risen. some charge $50,000 a year just for two wishon. this is one of the many colleges that has seen the rates soar. we went to find out what impact this is having on the students. >> it is a real treat to go to an american college.
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the education is world class and there is almost nothing that a student cannot study or do. every thing that everything has a price. >> i work 3-4 shifts. >> they do not come from wealthy families and have to find other ways to pay the high fees. >> i do 30 hours of work on campus. >> i have been running. >> when you finish college, how much money do you think you are no? >> 126,000. >> competing for the best extras and that means has to ball. the colonials are doing well. the game is being broadcasted on
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television. it is not cheap to have top-notch sport. this stadium got a facelift. george washington university costs $48,000 a year. a british student can attend for around $14,000. the question is, are u.s. private universities really worth it? >> i have a vested interest in this. my family has done an experiment . i have a child was going to university in the united kingdom and america. the quality of the education is better in the united states. there is more teaching going on. what is less clear is that if it is worth the enormous extra cost. >> it is the surest route to a
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high paying job. >> degrees are more valuable than other countries. there is a smaller welfare state here. fewer government benefits and less of a social safety net. you are talking about your career and how much money you are going to make, your college investments is your down payment. >> it was a deliberate strategy to make it attractive. humans are complicated animals and it worked. >> is it better to drive a cadillac than a chevrolet russian mark both get you from point a to point me. >> the president has no regrets about runaway fees. >> two wishon is a problem if jobs are not available.
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if they cannot find the job, they have wasted their money and years. if they can find a job and to make a living, the university has served the purpose. if they can pay it back, it is not a problem. >> competition will cap college fees. it will not come from stadiums. it will be from the web. there are more online classes and students say it is a good deal. katty: you can go to a public university here for less than 20,000. still, the numbers for private university are staggering when you compare them with others. we would love to hear if you think the cost of your school is worth it. you can reach me and most of the
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bbc team. for all of us here, thank you for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow. >> makes sense of international news. >> running of the presentation is made by the freeman foundation. the newman's own foundation. giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler. mufg. >> build a solid foundation and you can connect community and commerce for centuries.
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that is the strength to between desk behind good relationships. we believe financial partnerships should endure the test of time. what matters is that you are strong enough to support it. we build relationships that hold the world. >>
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> our coalition is strong, our cause is just, and our mission will succeed. >> woodruff: president obama asks congress to approve military force against islamic state militants. senators tim kaine and deb fischer on the reaction from capitol hill. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. gwen ifill is away. also ahead this wednesday, security concerns shutter embassies in yemen, americans evacuate a country yearning for stability after rebel fighters seized control. from brian williams to jon stewart, a shake up in tv news and political comedy.


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